Test Proctoring

Bloomington Public Library offers test proctoring, subject to the availability of authorized staff and according to the following guidelines. 

Test Scheduling

A minimum of 24-hour advanced notice is required for test proctoring. This service is not available on a walk-in basis, and pre-scheduling assures the availability of the test, the availability of library staff, and, when needed, the availability of a computer workstation. (If the test is to be taken online, the test taker will take the test using a public workstation in the Library’s Adult Services Department.)  

To schedule test proctoring call 309.590.6168 or email reference@bloomingtonlibrary.org.  

The fee for proctoring tests is $25 per testing session to be paid in cash, check, or credit card at the time of the test. There is no charge to reschedule a test prior to the testing time. 

General Guidelines

  • Before taking the exam, the test taker must present a valid picture ID. 
  • The library cannot guarantee a quiet, private testing area nor is constant monitoring available. 
  • Installation of software onto one of the Library’s public computers — which may be needed to complete an online exam — is not allowed. 
  • Test takers are responsible for supplying all materials needed to complete an exam in an appropriate and acceptable manner. This includes but is not limited to paper, pencils, calculators, and audio equipment, such as headphones. 
  • The test taker will be asked to leave personal materials and belongings (including phones) with the adult services staff for the duration of the test. 
  • Upon completion, the proctor will submit the test according to the instructions provided by the testing organization.