Masks required for entry

In accordance with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, masks are required to be worn by staff and patrons.

Masks must cover both nose and mouth.


Access to Bloomington Library's teenZone gaming computers is available Monday-Thursday 5-9pm and Friday-Sunday 1-5pm

Those wishing to use the gaming computers will need to make a 1-hour appointment in person on the day they want to game.
Each player will need to wear a mask and provide their own headphones and/or microphones if they want to hear the game and/or talk to one another.

For those in Grades 6-12, teenZone is a fun place to hang out, play games, complete homework, and read books. People of all ages can enter teenZone in search of books which are housed in the teenZone room, but only those in Grades 6-12 are allowed to hang out in the space.

Teen Books & Accessing the Internet

A large collection of teen fiction and nonfiction titles line the walls of teenZone. Teen graphic novels, manga, new teen reads, award-winning novels, and Playaway devices* are on display in the lobby area just outside the teenZone.

(*Playaways are small, user-friendly devices which are pre-loaded with a single audiobook and are perfect for on-the-go listening without worrying about having an internet connection, a CD player, or downloading files.) 


Laptops and Tablets
For those interested in completing homework and/or using the internet for either education or leisure, teenZone is equipped with laptops and tablets which teens are welcome to use while they’re at the Library. Be sure to check out the Library’s homework help resources.


Video Game & Board Games

Game Consoles
The teenZone is equipped with (2) Xbox One stations, (3) PS4 stations compatible with VR controllers, and (1) Wii-U. The Library offers a selection of video games which teens can check out and play. Additionally, some games are preloaded on the consoles. 


Gaming PCs
Designated for gaming, the teenZone offers (4) PC desktop computers preloaded with Minecraft and games from the STEAM catalog. Unlike other computers, gaming PCs offer high quality speeds to keep video games from lagging.  


Board Games
For those needing a break from screens, the teenZone offers a collection of board games. Board games are a great way to relieve stress, increase creative thinking, and challenge friends in a battles of strategic thinking.


Regular Hours
Monday-Thursday 1-9pm 
Friday 1-5pm 
Saturday 9am-5pm 
Sunday 1-5pm 


On scheduled No-School Days, the teenZone will open at noon.  


Summer Hours
Monday-Thursday 11:30am-9pm 
Friday 11:30am-5pm 
Saturday 9am-5pm 
Sunday 1-5pm


Only those in Grades 6-12 area allowed to hang out in teenZone, though anyone can enter to browse the shelves.

To use equipment and checkout games, teens must have a valid library card or student library card in good standing. The card being used must be issued to the teen — not another person.  

Time limits for game consoles, game computers, and laptops is 120 minutes total per day. Time extensions can be made based on availability. If all the video gaming consoles are occupied, teens will add their names to a waiting list for the next available spot.