Drive Up Window & Permanent Book Drop are now open!

Though façade work will not be completed until July, the new drive up and the permanent book drop are now open!
Those wanting pick up hold items at the Drive-Up need to select ”Drive-Up” as the pickup library when placing the hold.
Items placed on hold for pickup at the Main Library will only be available inside the library.

Get a Card

Library cards are available to residents of the City of Bloomington (Illinois) and residents of the Golden Prairie Public Library District. (The Golden Prairie Public Library District includes most residents of the following townships: Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson, and Old Town).  

Any resident age 17 years or older may receive an adult library card upon provision of a valid photo ID and proof of current address. Those under the age of 17 years will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive a child library card or a teen library card. 

  • Child library cards are issued to those age birth-11 years. 
  • Teen library cards are issued to those age 12-16 years. 
  • Adult library cards are issued to those age 17 years or older. 

Acceptable forms of identification include a photo ID of any kind AND documentation of current address. Documentation can be things like a driver's license with current address, a recent utility bill, a signed lease agreement, a personalized check, or recent mail with postmark. Bloomington Public Library reserves the right not to issue a library card to anyone who cannot provide identification and/or address verification. The Library also reserves the right to restrict the borrowing privileges of any person who has overdue materials and/or has accumulated fees. 

A parent or legal guardian's consent is required for anyone under the age of 17 to obtain a library card. The child and the parent must both be present when the card is issued at the Library or at a Bookmobile stop. Consenting parents/guardians acknowledge responsibility for items borrowed, fees incurred, and their child's selection of materials. 


Emancipated minors who have proof of their court ordered emancipation may receive an adult library card without parental consent. 

Visit the Library or the Bookmobile in person or click the “Pre-register online” button below to complete a library card application.

Complete registration in person 
If you complete the pre-registration form, you may visit the Library or a Bookmobile stop to complete the registration process by presenting your valid photo ID and proof of your current Illinois address 

Complete registration online (Bloomington and Golden Prairie residents only) 
Once you complete the pre-registration form, take a picture of your photo ID with the License or ID number covered but with the proof of current Illinois address visible. Then email this picture to and you will receive your physical card in the mail.

Pre-register online

All library cards are valid for three years.

Renew In Person:
If your library card has expired, please bring the card and proof of your current address with you to the Library or to any Bookmobile stop to renew your card.

Renew Online:
Snap a picture of your photo ID and current address after covering your license number. Email the image to Staff will renew your card and reply with an updated expiration date. Please note: Online renewals will only be granted Monday-Friday. Renewal requests received after the library closes on Friday will be granted on Monday. 

Once patrons have a physical library card, they can store a scannable image of the library barcode in the MyLibrary! app to use at the self-checkout stations. MyLibrary! is an app available for apple or android smart phones that allows patrons to brows the Library’s catalog and put items on hold or see their position in the holds queue. Patrons can renew items checked out (unless the item is on hold for someone else or the item has been renewed the maximum number of times). MyLibrary! also allows a patron to use their device’s camera to scan a book or movie’s imprinted barcode and learn if it’s an item available at the library. 

Corporate Cards allow organizations in Bloomington and the Golden Prairie Public Library District to checkout items without their staff members needing to use their personal library cards. Corporate Cards have the same privileges as a regular adult card, including access to e-resources. Staff members from the organization can also place holds to pick up at the Main Library. 

Pre-register online

Active library cards from any public library in the state of Illinois can be registered into Bloomington Public Library’s computer system. Patrons with cards issued by other libraries who choose to also use Bloomington Public Library can access Bloomington Public Library’s physical collection but cannot access Bloomington Public Library’s online resources, including databases and eMaterials. 

Non-residents who live near the City of Bloomington, but in an area where no library exists, may purchase a Non-resident Library Card. Non-resident Library Cards offer full borrowing privileges and access to Bloomington Public Library’s online resources. To make this purchase, non-residents visit the Library’s Circulation Desk to apply for a card and pay the non-resident card fee. 

The non-resident card fee is a set percentage (determined annually) multiplied by the property tax paid by the individual or multiplied by 15 percent of the individual’s monthly rent. There are also fee waivers available. For instance, anyone under the age of 18 can receive a fee waiver and obtain a library card for free. The staff at the Circulation Desk can explain available fee waivers to those interested.

Any person who is transitioning to permanent housing can apply for a Limited Library Card. To do so, the person would bring their valid photo ID and proof of their current Bloomington mailing address to the Library or the Bookmobile. (Acceptable forms of address verification include a current mailing address listed on a photo ID, a recent bill or piece of postmarked mail, or a letter from a social service or housing agency verifying the temporary mailing address in Bloomington.) 

Limited Library Cards are available to persons of all ages experiencing housing insecurity, and allow the bearer to have three items checked out at one time, provide access to all library services, and may be renewed in 6-month intervals. 

If your library card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to 309.828.6091. You are responsible for any items checked out or fees accrued on your card until it has been reported to the Library as lost or stolen. There may be a minimal charge to replace a library card. For more information, visit cardholder responsibilities.