Copy, Print, Scan, & Fax

Bloomington Public Library offers self-serve copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.  

The Library strives to maintain equipment in good working order but cannot be held responsible for machine malfunctions, breakdowns, or mistakes. 


A public copier is located in the Adult Services Department.  

  • Black-and-white copies cost $0.15 per page. 
  • Color copies cost $0.50 per page. 


A public printer is available in the Adult Services Department. Patrons can print to the public printer from a Library desktop computer or wirelessly from a Library laptop or their own device. Pending print jobs are not retained overnight and must be retrieved before the Library closes on the day the items are sent to the printer.  

  • Black-and-white printouts cost $0.15 per page. 
  • Color printouts $0.50 per page. 

Wireless Printing

Any Wi-Fi capable device can be used to print wirelessly.  

For patron convenience, the Library offers two wireless print options.  

  • Patrons can upload documents to the Printing Portal.
    • Choose whether you’d like to receive your printout in color or in black-and-white.  
    • Enter your email address.  
    • Upload the saved file from your device by clicking on the browse button.  
    • Once the file has successfully uploaded, click the green printing icon in the bottom right corner of the page.   
  • To release the print job to the printer, you’ll need to visit the Printing Station.  
  • Patrons can email documents to Printing Services.   
  • Visit the Printing Station to finalize your print.  

Sending a print request through the Printing Portal or through email can take some time. Please give the system time to process the request. 

Note that print jobs are not held overnight; visit the Printing Station the same day you send your print job. 


The Library’s copy machine doubles as a fax machine. 

Patrons can send faxes from the Library, but they cannot receive faxes at the Library. 

There is no charge to send faxes from the Library. 


The Library offers patrons use of two scanning computers, including one multipage scanner. 

There is no charge to scan documents at the Library.