Parking Lot & Drive-Up Lane

For the foreseeable future, patrons will need to both enter and exit the library’s parking lot from the east. The west half of the lot will be blocked off for construction.

  • The southernmost lane will serve as the entrance. Patrons need to make an immediate left upon entering the lot.
  • The northernmost lane will serve as the exit.

A Drive-Up Lane has been added to the southeast corner of the building. Patrons using the Drive-Up Lane must put items on hold in advance. Signage marks the lane and provides instruction.

Learn more about the library's expansion and renovation project at

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Bloomington Public Library was built on the unceded ancestral homeland of many Native Tribes including the Kickapoo of the Algonquin language group, who were forced to move west of the Mississippi. As well as the Peoria, Kaskaskia, Oglala Sioux, and Miami Nation, among others that history has erased. We recognize with heavy hearts the truth of the genocide, displacement and continued injustices perpetuated by non-Native settlers and the United States government upon all Native tribes. We honor with gratitude the Indigenous peoples, both past and present, who show us through their strength and resilience, our great responsibilities as stewards of the land.

We encourage you to learn about the rich histories, vibrant communities, and cultures of all the Indigenous people and their ancestors who have lived in what is now named Bloomington, Illinois, for thousands of generations. We invite you to please use the below links on your journey of growth and learning. The stories, and lives contained within this land and its Native guardians are important and continue to endure. 

It is the library’s intent that this be a living document.