Recording Studios

Recording Studio Setup with computer, microphone, headphones, and audio input.

Bloomington Public Library offers two recording studios equipped with sound quality improving panels and audio recording equipment.

These spaces can be used to create a podcast, preserve an oral history, complete a voiceover project, etc. Waveform has been installed on the computers in the Recording Studios so patrons can save their recorded audio.

Equipment available in the Recording Studios includes:

  • Rode Podmicrophone which aids in reducing white noise so voice recordings are clear
  • M-Audio M-Track Duo audio interface which allows electric instruments to be plugged in so the sound is recorded
  • Behringer HPM 1000 headphones which allow users to listen as audio is being recorded and playback sound recordings
  • Green Screen which allows users to create computer generated backgrounds

Of Note:

  • It is recommended that patrons bring with them a USB device to transfer their recorded audio files.
  • This room is not 100 percent sound proof.
  • If the sound heard outside of the recording studios is too loud, patrons may be asked to stop recording and/or reduce their volume. 

A large portion of the equipment available in the Bloomington Library's Recording Studios is thanks to a generous bequest made by Nancy Seidler and managed by the Bloomington Public Library Foundation.