While visiting Bloomington Public Library, patrons can use the Library’s Wi-Fi, desktop computers, and laptop computers for free. Those wishing to use the Library’s computers must have a valid library card or an eCard.  

Patrons who wish to use the Library’s computers or the Library’s Wi-Fi agree to abide by Library policies pertaining to computer and Wi-Fi use. 


The Library’s Wi-Fi can be accessed 24/7 from inside the building or from the parking lot. Patrons can bring their wireless-enabled laptop or wireless device to the library and connect to the Library’s wireless network without entering a password. Patrons are responsible for knowing how to configure their own equipment.  

Computer Guidelines  

  • Patrons age 17 years and older may use the desktop computers or borrow laptops found in the Adult Services Department. 

  • Patrons age 12-18 years may borrow a laptop from teenZone or use a desktop computer in the Adult Services Department. 

  • Patrons age 11 and younger may use the desktop computers found in the Children’s Department.  

Library staff are unable to provide extensive training on the use of computers and/or software. In advance, patrons who may require minimal assistance are encouraged to make a 1-on-1 appointment with a member of the Library’s staff. 

Library computers are shut down 15 minutes prior to closing. Computer appointments will not be accepted within 25 minutes of the Library’s set closing time. 

Wireless Printing 

Wireless printing is available from desktop computers, laptop computers, and wireless devices, regardless of who owns the computer or device — the Library or the patron. For information about wireless printing, visit Copy, Print, Scan, & Fax.


If a patron does not have a Library card and does not meet the requirements to receive a Bloomington Public Library card, an eCard can be issued solely for the purpose of providing computer access to the patron. Visit any service desk with a current photo ID to be issued an eCard.