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Public Comment

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Public Comment Guidelines
Approved 08/16/16

The following guidelines are in place to facilitate public comments during Bloomington Public Library Board (hereinafter "Library Board") meetings:

  1. A public comment period not to exceed thirty (30) minutes will be held during all regularly scheduled Library Board meetings, meetings of committees and/or task forces (hereinafter "committees") created by the Library Board, work sessions, and special meetings of the Library Board. Nothing herein shall prohibit the combination of meetings, at which only one public comment period will be allowed.
  2. Comments are limited to three (3) minutes per speaker. A speaker cannot give his or her allotted minutes to another speaker to increase that person’s allotted time. 
  3. Speakers will be acknowledged by the Chair and shall address the Library Board Trustees or Committee members. Speakers will begin their statement by first stating their name for the record.
  4. Public comment is not intended to require the Library Board Trustees or Committee members to provide any answer to the speaker. Discussions between speakers and members of the audience will not be allowed. 
  5.  After the speaker has made his or her statement, he or she shall be seated with no further debate, dialogue or comment.
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