Masks required for entry

In accordance with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, masks are required to be worn by staff and patrons.

Masks must cover both nose and mouth.

Customer Expectations

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Customer Expectations Guidelines

Approved 04/18/17

Bloomington Public Library has established the following guidelines with the intention of providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all library users.

While in the library, please…

  • Treat people and property in a respectful manner.
  • Monitor your personal belongings.
  • Supervise dependent persons and children at all times.
  • Talk in moderate tones.
  • Wear appropriate attire. Shoes and shirts are required.
  • Use designated areas to consume snacks and beverages in covered containers.
  • Follow library computer policies including always using headphones when listening to audio.
  • Use the lobbies to conduct cell phone conversations.
  • Park bicycles in the bike rack.
  • Adhere to acceptable standards of personal hygiene.

The following are not permitted in the library or on library property:

  • tobacco and smoking of any kind, including the use of electronic cigarettes and any other devices that simulate tobacco smoking by producing an aerosol that resembles smoke.
  • pets or animals, other than authorized service animals
  • extensive personal grooming
  • solicitation of any kind
  • persons under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • disorderly, disruptive, or boisterous conduct
  • threatening, harassing, or intimidating language or behavior
  • dozing, sleeping, or loitering
  • weapons or other items the general public views to be threatening

Failure to abide by these rules of conduct may lead to a suspension of your Library privileges.

The library reserves the right to respond to any and all conduct not expressly set forth herein.

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