Dungeons & Dragons: The Black Road

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Online Program

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Adult, Teens
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Dungeons & Dragons: The Black Road

Join us online for a night of Dungeons and Dragons in which we'll explore the adventure: The Black Road

We will be playing 5E Dungeons and Dragons using Owlbear Rodeo and Discord. A mic and headset are needed. Pre-generated characters will be provided if desired, but you will have the option of rolling your own 3rd-level character for the event.

Registration for this program will open at Monday, January 24, and can be completed online below, by calling 309.590.6168, or by visiting the Adult Services Desk and registering in person. Those who register will receive a confirmation email which will include more information about the Owlbear Rodeo and Discord sessions, as well as information about character generation.

If a pre-generated character is needed, or you have any other questions, please email the event coordinator at: abbeyt@bloomingtonlibrary.org

THE ADVENTURE: Parnast, a small town in the Greypeak Mountains, was the site of infiltration by the Cult of the Dragon a year ago. Since a group of cunning adventurers freed the town, it has grappled with its identity. Seeking to stabilize the area, the word was spread that they were looking for a new statue of Angharradh, also known as the Triune Goddess. A few days after the rumors hit the desert outpost of Vuerthyl, the statue appeared outside one of the larger tents.

The caravan master Azam saw this as an opportunity to increase his favor with the nobility. He reached out through channels and oddly, a pseudodragon answered the call. Not only does the pseudodragon Hsing oversee the planning of the transport, but also in hiring a specific group of adventurers.