Deposit Collections

Deposit Collections bring lendable Library materials to centralized locations for those who have barriers getting to the Library. Each month, Library staff will drop off a collection of lendable materials to each registered agency. The clients of these agencies are then able to checkout items from the Deposit Collection.  

Who is eligible for Deposit delivery?

Community agencies throughout the City of Bloomington and the Golden Prairie Public Library District (Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson and Old Town Townships) are eligible to apply to host a Deposit Collection. Examples of agencies include but are not limited to: 

  • Nursing homes 
  • Learning centers 
  • Healthcare facilities 

This service is provided free of charge to eligible sites.

How are items selected for a Deposit Collection?

During the application process, agencies will be prompted to note preferred material types such as biographies, mysteries, nonfiction, large print, and more. This allows Library staff to build a profile to meet the specific needs of the patrons at a particular site. Profiles can be updated by the agency at any time by calling 309.590.6115.

Memory Care Kits
Available for checkout to Bloomington Library Deposit and PopUp sites are 6 Memory Care Kits designed to entertain and stimulate those with memory loss. Each kit contains a variety of of books, DVDs, CDs, coloring pages, fidget/sensory toys, puzzles, and/or other hands-on activities that can be used along with a caregiver in either a one-on-one or group setting. 

Kits are built around themes with the following options: 

  • Movies & Music
  • Animals
  • Tools 
  • Patriotic/USA
  • Gardening
  • Home Life (sewing, quilting, baking, etc.)

If interested in checking out a kit or learning more, please contact 309.590.6115 or email the deposit coordinator

How often are materials delivered?

Materials are delivered once every four weeks, on Thursdays. When the delivery date falls on a holiday, an alternate date will be determined. If needed, agency representatives can coordinate with Library staff to pick up materials at the main Library building. 

What are the agency's responsibilities?

  • The agency provides shelving for Library materials at the Deposit Collection location.  
  • Agency staff assist in the monthly exchanges of materials and help locate missing items. 
  • Individual item requests from patrons need to be collected by the agency and submitted to the Library.

What if items are not needed every month?

Please contact us at 309.590.6115 if your agency would like to offer a Deposit Collection but does not need monthly delivery. We may have other options available for your site and its needs. 


Apply to host a Deposit Collection

Agencies interested in applying to host a Deposit Collection may call 309.590.6115 or fill out the application below.

Address of Organization
Coordinator Name
Contact Preference:
Checkout procedure
Please select how you would like the checkout procedure to be set up at the site:
Person(s) Responsible
Who will be responsible for maintaining the Deposit collection on-site and coordinating with the library? Responsibilities include:
  • Gather and submit special requests to library staff
  • Maintain chosen checkout procedure
  • Find and return missing books
  • Prepare books for monthly exchange
Requested Site
Select the type of organization requesting the Deposit collection: