Test Proctoring

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As a public service and as part of our effort to support the goal of lifelong learning, the Bloomington Public Library (BPL) provides supervision of student examinations, subject to the availability of authorized staff, according to the following conditions:
Scheduling your test

A minimum of 24-hour advanced notice is required for test proctoring; this service is not available on a walk-in basis. Pre-scheduling assures the availability of the test, the availability of library staff, and, in the case of tests accessible via the Internet, the availability of an Adult Computer workstation.

All tests to be proctored will be scheduled at the convenience of both the test taker and the Adult Services Desk staff. Test proctoring is offered during the following hours:

To arrange proctoring, contact the Adult Services Department at:

Testing times can be rescheduled. There is no charge to reschedule a test prior to the testing time.

Online tests

If the test is accessed via the Internet:

Testing fees

The fee for proctoring tests is $25 per testing session to be paid in cash, check (payable to Bloomington Public Library) or credit card at the time of the test.

General guidelines

Before taking the exam, the test taker must present a valid picture ID.

BPL cannot guarantee a quiet, private testing area.

BPL has the right to deny administration of testing due to staff limitations, library customer demands, etc.

Test takers are responsible for supplying all materials, including paper, pencils, calculators, and audio equipment such as headphones, as appropriate and acceptable for the test.

The test taker will be asked to leave personal material and belongings (including cell phone) with the reference librarian during the duration of the test.

Upon completion, tests can be mailed, faxed and/ or emailed to the school.