Racial Awareness

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Bloomington Public Library stands with our city and our community in the fight against systemic racism. The Library serves people of all races, religions, orientations, political philosophies, backgrounds, and countries of origin. We strive to listen to all voices, encourage genuine understanding, and support the exchange of ideas for the betterment of our community and society.

We at Bloomington Public Library also believe in the power of books. Everyone should be able to see themselves in books and have the opportunity to view the world from different perspectives through books. Books can foster personal growth and can help us become more empathetic.

On June 16 2020, the Bloomington Library Board shared the following statement: We recognize the impact of systemic racism in our community. Black Lives Matter. The Bloomington Public Library is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and empowering environment for all, regardless of race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or status.

Racial Awareness Reading List
  1. Young Children
  2. Older Children
  3. Teens
  4. Adults

Hoopla, an online eBook and eAudiobook depository from which you can borrow for free using your Bloomington Library card, has curated its own list of eBooks and eAudiobooks about race relations. You will not have to put these items on hold. With Hoopla, every item offered is always available.

  1. Talking to Kids About Race List
  2. Conversations About Race for Teens
  3. Conversations About Race for Adults

Library Materials Featuring and/or Created by Black Authors/Artists/Directors

These lists are not comprehensive.

  1. Children’s Books featuring Black Characters
  2. Children’s Books by Black Authors

  1. Teen Fiction (Middle School) by Black Authors

  1. Teen Fiction (High School) by Black Authors
  2. Teen Romance by Black Authors
  3. Teen SciFi Fantasy by Black Authors
  4. Teen Nonfiction by Black Authors

  1. Fiction by Black Authors
  2. Romance by Black Authors
  3. SciFi and Fantasy by Black Authors
  4. Urban Fiction
  5. Nonfiction by Black Authors

  1. Movies by Black Directors

  1. Music by Black Artists

Films and Series to Watch on Kanopy

  1. America After Ferguson
  2. Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Oregon
  3. Copwatch: An Organization Dedicated to Filming the Police
  4. Every Mother’s Son: Policing and Race in America
  5. I Am Not Your Negro
  6. Let the Fire Burn: Tragedy in Philadelphia
  7. Peace Officer: The Militarized State of American Police
  8. Policing the Police
  9. Profiled: The Mothers of Murdered Black and Latino Youth
  10. P.S. I Can’t Breathe: Black Lives Matter
  11. When Justice Isn’t Just: Unarmed Police Incidents