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If you cannot visit the Library, either temporarily or permanently, and are a Bloomington resident, you are eligible for Home Delivery Service.

Examples of the types of customers using Home Delivery include: a pregnant woman on bedrest, a person with a broken leg, seniors unable to use public transportation in the winter, homebound individuals, and persons undergoing treatment for cancer or other serious illness.

Materials available for delivery include books, large print books, magazines, blu-rays, DVDs, and audiobooks, and CDs. A library staff member or volunteer will deliver the materials to your home on a specified day each month. Materials will be selected for you based on your reading interests and special needs. The Home Delivery Service Coordinator will process your application, setup your library card account, and get you started receiving materials.

If you are interested in signing up for Home Delivery or have any questions about this free service, submit an online application, download an application to return in person, or please contact us 309-590-6117 or email circulation@bloomingtonlibrary.org.