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The Bloomington Public Library Deposit Collections bring library services to those who have barriers to getting to the main library and are served by programs in facilities.

Who is eligible for a Deposit delivery?

This service is provided to nursing homes, senior centers, child care facilities and other community agencies throughout the City of Bloomington and the Golden Prairie Public Library District (Arrowsmith, Bloomington, Dale, Dawson and Old Town Townships).

How do you decide on what items to send?

When a site registers, a “Deposit Collection Services Application” is filled out. [link to form] This helps develop a profile to decide which materials should be selected for each site. The profile includes questions about the total number of library items the site would like to receive along with the genre, print type, and material format preferred. This profile can be changed by the requesting site at any time.

How are the materials chosen?

Each month, BPL staff selects materials using the profile.

How often are materials delivered?

Library materials are delivered on a rotating schedule every four weeks on a Thursday morning between 9am and 12pm. When the delivery date falls on a holiday, an alternate date will be determined. If you prefer, there is also an option to pick up your materials at the library.

What are the Sites’ responsibilities?

The Site staff who will be the direct contact person must provide shelving for the library materials and manage their return. The Site staff is also responsible for getting individual requests to their residents. We do ask the agency staff to assist in the return of materials and help with locating missing items.

Is there any charge for this program?

No. This service is provided free of charge for eligible sites.

How do I register for the Deposit delivery?

If you are interested in starting a Deposit Collection or have any questions about this free service, submit an online application, download an application to return in person, please contact us at (309) 590-6117 or fill out the link above.