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Ages for Library Cards

Children: birth through age 11
Teens: ages 12 – 16
Adults: ages 17 and older

Cardholder Responsibilities
Your library card has been issued to you based on information provided by you. It should only be used by you. You are responsible for the following:
Lost or Stolen Cards

If your library card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to the Circulation Department at 309-828-6092. You are responsible for any items checked out or fines accrued on your card until it has been reported to the Library as lost or stolen.


If you provide your email address, the Library will send you courtesy notices of hold items that are available to check out, items due in 2 days, and items overdue for 5 days.

For items due more than 28 days, you will receive a notice in the mail.

Failure to receive overdue notices does not release the customer from paying the fines.

Fines and Fees

Due dates are listed on your checkout receipt which you can print or email to yourself. Your account will be assessed a daily fine for each item not returned or renewed by its due date. Fines stop accruing after an item is returned, renewed, or when the maximum fine amount is reached for each item.

A library account with $10 or more in accumulated fines/fees will have library privileges suspended. This includes borrowing materials, placing holds, renewing materials, and using public computers and online databases.

Items not returned within 28 days of their due date will be assumed lost and the account assessed a replacement fee plus a $5 processing fee for the item. Accounts with excessive fines/fees may be referred to collections.

Each Item Daily Fine Max Fine
DVDs, Blu-Rays or VHS 50 cents $10
System Games/Software 50 cents $10
Most Wanted 25 cents $10
Remaining items in
Adult Services collection
10 cents $5
Children's Learning Kits 10 cents $5
Remaining items in
Children's collection
5 cents $2

Damaged Items

An item missing one or more pieces or damaged beyond repair will be placed back on your account, and we will try to contact you. If the situation has not been resolved within 28 days of the return of the item, your account will be assessed a fee for the missing piece(s) or damage, and in some cases, the entire cost of the item, plus a $5 processing fee.

If an item is damaged beyond repair, your account will be assessed the cost of the item, plus a $5 processing fee. A damaged item that is paid for within 60 days will become the property of the customer. After 60 days, the account will be charged and the item will be discarded.

The Library does not accept replacement items as substitution for lost, damaged, or incomplete items.