Accessibility Resources

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Bloomington Public Library is ADA Compliant and strives to serve all patrons of varying abilities and needs.


Patrons in need of special accomodations should contact Support Services at 309-590-6138 or at capricep@bloomingtonlibrary.org

The library also offers Home Delivery Service to Bloomington residents who cannot visit the library either temporarily or permanently. Examples of the types of customers utilizing the library's Home Delivery Service include: a pregnant woman on bedrest, a person with a broken leg, seniors unable to use public transportation in the winter, homebound individuals, and persons undergoing treatment for cancer or other serious illness.

Ages & Stages

If you’re the parent or guardian to a child ages 1-3 years old, you’ve likely encountered Ages & Stages questionnaires at your doctor’s office. And while completing the Ages & Stages questionnaires, you may have wondered, “I don’t know. Can Johnny thread a bead onto a string?”

By checking out the Ages & Stages Kit from the library, the questionnaire can be completed in advance and with time to actually test Johnny to see if he can thread that bead onto that string.

  • The kit offers 21 age-appropriate questionnaires and 20 items referenced in the questionnaires (bead, string, etc.). These items will effectively screen five key developmental areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal social.

  • When the kit is returned to the library's Children's Desk, our librarians will send the completed questionnaire to SPICE (Services for Parent Infant and Child Education). SPICE will evaluate the questionnaire and contact the parent or guardian. with results.

SPICE is a subsidiary of Marcfirst and provides early intervention services for families with children from birth through early childhood.

Accessibility Tools for Assistance:

  • You can find Sensory Bags provided by Autism McLean in the Children's Department and TeenZone or ask for one at the front Circulation Desk.
  • The Library offers Sensory Story Times. Times, dates, and information can be accessed at bit.ly/BPLSensory.

  • LifeCIl

    For additional information and resources visit Life Center for Independent Living (LifeCIL) at bit.ly/LIFECIL .

    Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are not-for-profit, non-residential organizations that empower individuals with disabilities by sharing the tools needed to take control of one’s own life. CILs also promote equal opportunities and access by breaking down barriers and prejudices within communities.