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About the TeenZone Room and Gaming

Welcome to the teenZone!

The teenZone is a fun place to hang out, play games, do homework, and read books while at the Bloomington Public Library.
Ages: The teenZone is a hangout space for those grades 6th-12th. Here, there are no parents and no younger siblings to bother you.

Summer Hours:

Regular Hours:

* On Scheduled No School Days teenZone opens at 11a.m.

Stuff teens can do:


Books: There is a large collection of Teen Fiction and some Nonfiction titles that line the walls in the teenZone. Everyone is welcome to come in for a book. Only teens are allowed to stay and hang out in the room.


Video Game Consoles: The teenZone has a PS3, Wii-U, 2 Xbox 360, and 2 Xbox One consoles that teens can use any time the tZ is open. The important thing is that they have a valid teen library card, teen limited card, or teen e-card in good standing in order to use the consoles. Oh, and it must be their library card- not their Mom's or brother's!
Video Game PCs: We also have four gaming computers that are available to reserve for 120 minutes a day for teens.* These are strictly for gaming. They are preloaded with Minecraft, Steam, etc. The teen must have their teen library card, teen limited card, or teen e-card (valid and in good standing) to use these.
Board Games: Teens can always ask to borrow one of the teenZone board games like Apples to Apples, Clue or Trivial Pursuit. Just ask the staff member at the desk. No library card required.

Homework and Social Media

Laptops: We also have teen laptops available for non-gaming stuff like homework or Facebook. Teens simply use their teen library card (valid and in good standing) at a computer. Like the gaming computers, they get 120 minutes a day.*
Tablets: We currently have tablets that teens can use in exchange for their library card. The teen must have a teen library card, teen limited card, or teen e-card (valid and in good standing) to use these. There is no time limit on these.

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* The time limit for PC games AND laptops is 120 minutes total. (Not 120 minutes for a laptop and 120 minutes for a game computer). Time extensions can be made based on availability.