Star Trek Launch Party

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Set Phasers to Fun!

Get your Trek on while we celebrate the premiere of the new TV show, Star Trek Discovery. We'll have space and Star Trek themed events all weekend including games, virtual reality experiences, an astronomy program, a space story time, trivia, crafts, and a photo booth. Costumes are welcome and encouraged. Live Long and Prosper!

Star Trek Weekend offers programs for adults, teens, and kids. If you're age 1-105, we've got something for you.

Space Crafts

Have you ever wanted to create your own silly alien? Or design your own spectacular spaceship? Come to the Children's Department throughout the afternoon to build and take home a variety of Sci-Fi Space-Crafts! The only requirement is that you must bring your imagination; all other supplies will be provided.

Space (The Final Frontier) Story Time

3, 2, 1, . . . Blastoff! Join us at 10am in the Children's Department for an Outer Space-themed story time. We will sing among the stars, prance among the planets, and dance in deep space, all while enjoying a few out-of-this world stories! For Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.

The Stars are Out of this World!

Join the Twin City Amateur Astronomers as they explore the wonders of the stars in our universe. Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to view sunspots through a filtered telescope!

Holodeck Recreation

Science & Technology: Comparing Tech on Earth to Extraterrestrial Tech

Have you ever wondered about alien technology and what it can do compared to human technology? Join us as Victor Connor, former MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Illinois Section Director, presents a look at human science and technology and gives insights into alien technology as referenced by radar and visual sightings. This program is appropriate for anyone age 10 and older.

VR Star Trek Bridge Crew for Teens

On Sunday of our Star Trek Launch Party Weekend, we will continue to play with the Playstation VR units in the teenZone. Teens can try their hand at the Star Trek Bridge Crew cooperative VR game. Each player will become a member of the Enterprise's crew which will work together to pilot the ship and complete missions. The Playstation VR units will live long and prosper in the teenZone where they will be available for use for light years to come by anyone with a Teen library card.