Rubik's Cube Competition

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Central Illinois Rubik's Cube Competition. K-12th Grades.

You CAN Do the Rubik's Cube is an STEM education program that can be integrated into the school curriculum and/or used as an educational outreach activity through after school clubs, community youth organizations or any environment that encourages learning activities.

For further information on getting involved in this program, go to the Central Illinois Rubik's Cube Competition K-12 page.

To register, go to the Registration Page.

Questions can be sent to the Rubik's Cube State Farm Ambassador: Jimmy Baker at

There will be 2 competitions:


*Teams are made up of 8 people plus up to 2 alternates (total of 10) of any age.

*Teams will compete against the other teams in their Division, which is decided by the grade level of their oldest member:

*Teams will compete for the best overall time for solving 25 3x3 Rubik's Cubes (provided for the Competition)
*Any student may compete on more than 1 team, but the teams must be in different Divisions.


*Any student on a registered team can compete
*Students must be a member of a registered team in order to compete as an individual.

Registration is open and ends on January 20th. For more information please read the RULES.